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I agree it should be left up to the child, my parents divorced when I was 11 and my brother and sister were 13 and 4. they both quickly remarried and I never called my stepdad "DAD" but I had one awesome dad (and guess Im just kind of a daddy's girl) but my brother and sister both started and still do call him dad half the time when they say something about dad I think they are talking about dad and they arent but anyways I did call my stepmom "mom" I absolutly loved her. my dad is now on his 3rd marriage and has been with my new stepmom for 16+ years and I dont call her mom (though my sis does) but I was an older teenager when they got together but I do consider her a mother figure in my life and she is my kids "jammaw" (what my 5 yr old started when he couldnt say grammaw so now we say they have a jammin jammaw)
my kids call my fiance by his 1st name but my 4 yr old will tell us that he is the dad, and one day when my ex called my dads and my 5 yr old was over there and he asked to talk to him my 5 yr old asked "which one" when jammaw told him daddy wanted to talk to him, but none of them call him daddy though all of them have slipped and called him dad or daddy more than once I dont encourage it but I dont correct it either if they call him dad the conversation just continues like if they had called him his name but their dad has a major issue with it so Im sure he has told them they cant call him dad. Ofocurse my kids do hear me and my fiance calling him daddy to our baby, but my kids are a bit older than yours my 8 yr old will tell people that Cole is his stepdad and my 7 yr old tells his friends "thats Cole he's like my dad" I would say if you have made the step to move in together and both feel you will be together it is up to you if you correct them and say no that is Joe not daddy or if you just let them decide, but I dont think anyone should tell their kid they have to call the person dad (I know you arent since your question was what should you do if they do")
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