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Re: how early was your preemie,and when did they hit milestones?

DS was a 36 weeker, and he hit all of his milestones just about when he should have. He was just a bit delayed with speech, but not by much... he started talking when he was about 18 months old and once he hit age 2, he progressed very rapidly with no intervention. He is now almost 5 years old and is exceeding with everything. He's learning new things every day!

DD1 was "full term", 37 weeker, and everything was totally on target with her. She's 3 and perfectly fine.

DD2 was a 33 weeker. She began crawling and sitting up on her own at about 8 months, but she did not pull up and/or cruise until 16 months old, and did not walk until just shy of 17 months old. She was very expressive and engaged whenever we interacted with her but her speech was also delayed. She babbled a lot but did not say her first coherent word until 19 months old. However, like DS, she's progressed pretty rapidly from there. She's 23 months old now and is starting to speak in sentences - "I is Charwhit" (I am Charlotte ), "Shuddup, 'addie!" (shut up Maddie ), "I so coot" (I'm so cute ). She's saying more complicated things, too, and we try to teach her a new word as often as we can.

DD3 is a 33 week, 5 day baby and she's now almost 10 months old. She doesn't babble or speak so I am fearing (dreading!) another diagnosis of speech delay but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Physically she is doing very well. She started crawling at 8 months, sitting up by 8 months, rolling over by 5 months. She just pulled herself up to stand on her own for the first time yesterday, using the couch!! Maybe cruising isn't too far behind?
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