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Re: Any 30 weekers?

I don't think I will be of much help, but when I was living in the NICU (had 3 24-weekers, none made it home) they told me that at 30 weeks most if not all babies in the NICU I go to go home. At the time that was the biggest thing for us. So at 30 weeks, I got an ultrasound of my DS to make sure he was okay. He was so I felt like I could breath... he was later born, as planned, at 38 weeks and ended up in the NICU.

NICU in general is just a big surprise. My DD was there for 5 months and I thought I had seen it all but then when living DS went in, I had a melt down even knowing that he was fine. So that is just to say that there is no "typical" NICU stay unless you plan for ups and downs and unexpected things happening. The lungs are the big thing. If the lungs are in fairly good shape then it is just learning to eat and control body temperature to go home. That can be hard at that gestation though it isn't always. If the lungs are not in great shape then it could be a while before the child is even allowed to have mama milk. My son had bad lungs so he didn't get food for 3 days. However when he did get food he acted like he hadn't ate in 3 days so it was all good.

to your cousin! Hopefully in about 6 weeks it will all be nothing but an experience that she is thankful for but doesn't want to do again.
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