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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience. My cousin has had almost every complication. She fell and had an abruption and had to deliver at 36 weeks with her first. Then she had a 35 and 3 week footling breech and prolapsed cord on the way to the hospital, had to have emergency c section and baby almost didn't make it. She had no vitals at birth but they were able to resucitate her. She spent a few days in the nicu. This pregnancy was unplanned and she was terrified the whole beginning of her pregnancy. She had PTSD from her last delivery and thought she was done. She is finally now trying to believe she is getting a son out of all of this. She still is terrified I feel like he will be strong. It has been a battle to get to 30 weeks and I know he will continue to fight. The dr's are concerned because she had been on the mag for soooo long that it could effect the baby.
I'm hoping he will stay in longer so she doesn't have a nicu stay but I don't think it's very realistic.
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