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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

A belly band? will it annoy the insision? OOOH these are great ideas ladies!!!

I didnt like the way the pain meds made me feel.. do you have to worry about them while nursing.. i know they say you dont.. but really does anyone know the scoop? this was my next thing to research! they gave me morphine untill they took my ivs out.. I dont remember how long i got it for.. BUT they wanted to push the button more then i needed it.. I didnt like that part... I have a high pain tolerance.. then while out of the hospital they gave me percoset... they told me to take 2. .. i wound up taking 1-1.5 for the first few days home.. ( i wasnt pro at getting up ill have to use less muscles this time!! ) and then i dropped it down to a half of one bc of the way it made me feel and tried to stick to the ibuprofen ... i was so scared it was going to get to the baby through my milk.. someone clear my mind of this.. I SO want to be outa bed asap!
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