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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

Originally Posted by Lilmeow View Post
A belly band? will it annoy the insision? OOOH these are great ideas ladies!!!

I didnt like the way the pain meds made me feel.. do you have to worry about them while nursing.. i know they say you dont.. but really does anyone know the scoop? this was my next thing to research! they gave me morphine untill they took my ivs out.. I dont remember how long i got it for.. BUT they wanted to push the button more then i needed it.. I didnt like that part... I have a high pain tolerance.. then while out of the hospital they gave me percoset... they told me to take 2. .. i wound up taking 1-1.5 for the first few days home.. ( i wasnt pro at getting up ill have to use less muscles this time!! ) and then i dropped it down to a half of one bc of the way it made me feel and tried to stick to the ibuprofen ... i was so scared it was going to get to the baby through my milk.. someone clear my mind of this.. I SO want to be outa bed asap!
The hospital where I live, only gives you extra strength tylenol and ibuprofen after delivering, vag or c/s (this is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). You can have T#3's if you need something stronger. After DS's birth, I had a pain control pump with morphine, but i used it for about the first 12 hours or so, then I didn't want it anymore and just used tylenol and ibuprofen. I was fine with that and didn't have any problems with constipation or anything afterwards.

These tips are great! I found it very painful and tough to get around. I'm a bit more worried this time about caring for a newborn and DS. DS is a super mamas boy so it's going to be hard not to hold or carry him or play with him like I'm used to. Anyone have any tips on how to care for a toddler while recovering from a c/s?
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