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Re: Taking a one year old on a plane??...crazy??

ITA with all the great advice so far, just wanted to add a little info...

On Southwest you get to "choose your own seats" and they let families with children board first, so no worries about being sandwiched in a middle seat. Also, when everyone else gets on the plane, they will avoid you like the plague when the see a baby, so if there are any open seats, you can bet they will probably be by you! Finally, take advantage of nice flight attendants (which most of them are). They will bring you extra snacks, get you watered down juice in a cup with a lid and straw (so much more interesting than a sippy cup or bottle to the traveling toddler!), and if I remember correctly, they even have crayons and something to color on on SW!

Besides that, I agree with a PP that a sling/carrier is a great idea, but you will have to take the baby out when you go through security.

Your flight will be a piece of cake and so much better than an 18-hour drive! I've taken dd (now 22 months) on probably 10 trips by air since she was born (including overseas when she was 10 months) and we haven't had a horrendous experience yet!
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