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Originally Posted by brendaRN

I agree. I sometimes feel in the cloth diapering community, that I should be expected to have a natural childbirth and go for the VBAC. As much as I would love to, it's just not in the cards for me. I had a c/s with DS, and will have another for this baby. It's really nice to have a place where were can support each other and help each other out when it comes to c/s without being made to feel bad about not having a vaginal birth.
Yes some do make us all feel like we are less of moms and less crunchy because we didn't push them out on our beds or in our bath tubs! I say ewww to both because it's not for me! We actually went back into our family lines and can't find a natural birth in the last 50 years. I knew when I had my first that I would likely have a c/s as that's the pattern my family has been. Not sure why maybe out pelvis is not shaped right or whatever but I love having this forum now!
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