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Nichole- happy birthday! I hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Diapers - we've pretty much been using sposies, I feel like I'm putting my parents through enough torture with us staying with them, that washing dipes in their washer might put them over the edge. Plus my mom's bought all the sposie diapers so not much to complain about. Me & the girls went home to AZ this past weekend & we used cloth there & loved it. I'm just sad all the NB stuff I bought (& I kinda went overboard) isn't getting used more.

Babywearing- I've been using the moby & it can definitely be a lifesaver. Just the other day she was screaming her head off in the car & I put her in the moby & instantly no more crying!

Afm - Not that they're big but it seems like DD has had so many problems, thankfully they're all getting worked out. She was jaundiced, which they waited 5 he's to tell us in the hospital & we really didn't like the random pediatrician that saw DD, so we got her seen right away on base & her levels went down on their own. We go next week to see an orthopedic specialist to see if she has a 'hip click' & found out today I can make her an appt with an ent to see if they think her tongue tie needs to be clipped. & both of her eyes have blocked tear ducts that seem to be getting better on their own already.
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