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Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18

Originally Posted by ChelseaGirl7 View Post
Other good meals besides the crock put is casseroles. I'll put the casserole together while the baby and/or toddler is sleeping in the afternoon and then put it in the refrigorator until time to cook it. Then I can throw on a canned or frozen veggie and we're good! The only problem is dh isn't a fan of casseroles, lol.
I use a lot of my crock pot recipes to make casseroles. Mexican food is easy too. And then spaghetti with meatballs is a favorite around here. Super easy too.

Originally Posted by AcrossTheUniverse View Post
I'm a crockpot queen. I have been making dinner in it like 3x per week. My fave's are beef stew, chicken and dumplings, and baked potato soup.

We are still using mostly sposies, too. The diapers I made for him were too tiny but the infant prefolds and small covers I bought are too big. I think by 10lbs he will fit into them, so we are almost there. Then after that he will wear our OS Alva's that the other boys wear.
hugs about the diapers not fitting. How do you like the fit of the Alva's we have FB for pockets and I think the large tend to be a tad bit small for about 3-6 months before my children start to PT.
Originally Posted by shortdrawbryant View Post
i've been cooking regular meals i am so proud of myself. with dd i swear we ate out 4-5 times a week for the first month or so lol

as far as diapers we are still using sposies i was given at my shower although i suspect they will be gone by christmas then we will put him inn prefolds and when he is big ebough he will go to the os alvas i bought a few months ago. i also have som os fuzzibunz but dont wanna deal with adjusting the elastic so will just keep thise where they are at for dd
I looked into the OS FB because I liked the fit of the sized FB so I was going to try a OS, but then I thought I would be too lazy to keep changing the elastic and I knew DH would not want to do it either so I passed and got some one size covers instead.
Originally Posted by rainydaysunshine View Post
You guys are right, I need to use my crock pot more.

Diapers- I have little girl in her small BG bamboo fitteds I used w/ Ds2 now. I tried the PFs again this time, but I just suck at them and was having to change her cover every time she pooped. Fortunately she is big enough for the fitteds now and they work just as nicely on her as the did on her brother (side note... I HATE that they discontinued these before I was able to but larges, but I do have mediums).

Unfortunately, I haven't switched Ds2 back over to cloth full time again yet. I bought the flip trainers for him and planned on using them even though we are not PLing yet. They are plenty absorbent for pee, but they don't hold softer poos very well. I am thinking I may but a few Flip dipe covers to use w/ the inserts I have and put off the trainer covers til actual PLing. 4 covers should do the trick and isn't very expensive, I just haven't made myself do it yet. I got some christmas money yesterday, maybe I should use some of it on these so I can stop wasting money on sposies.
For the bamboo fitteds, have you checked with any WAHMs? I'm almost sure someone could make you some.
Sorry the trainers aren't working as well as expected. I found that out when I was training my son. We ended up using underwear and no pants and then no underwear right after he had an accident. But that was only after I got rid of the carpet in most of my house.

Originally Posted by Leanbh View Post
Funny as we almost all seem to have a toddler too!

Rachel- That happenend to me twice with the sposies too, I think I had his pp to the side and somehow the pee leaked out the side, up his back etc and the diaper was dry.

I think I may have made a big mistake! I have one thirsties fitted that I just put on him right now and I'm in love! I was perfectly happy with the PF's and I had to go try something new I have a love love thing with thirsties fab anything. I have two sets of their wipes and would love more as they are so great, soft etc. Maybe I should just try to make some fitteds, not sure how difficult it would be. I'm an average sewer.....

Heather - think it was you who said the PF's were too big right now. I have infant sized too and I just fold down the front part to make it smaller and that works great. So trifold first, then fold down front a little. Then fan out back part when under him and snappi.
At least you like what you tried. I have several one of a kind diapering items just sitting around because I did not like them and yet I feel like I would lose out if I sold them since they are used.

Originally Posted by shortdrawbryant View Post
With so much talk of sposies and cloth I almost bust out laughing last night when MIL made the comment that she 'guessed she would have to buy diapers for when she watched dd'. I have no clue why she has totally rejected cloth. DD has been using them since she was about 4-5 months old but we bought a pack of sposies for her to use while i was in the hospital (mainly so i wouldnt come home to diaper laundry right away) and ever since then she totally rejects the CDs I send over. Almost every time she comes back in one of her cousin sposie diapers! But really I'm not going to fuss if she is buying the diapers I have nothing against sposies - I just hate the cost which is the main reason I CD.......

Thanks for the bday wishes everyone

I haven't bought any sposies either as I, too, got a diaper cake from a shower my mom threw for me when I was in Missouri oh and (LOL) my MIL bought me a pack each of size nb and size 1 at her shower. i really am ready to go to cloth tho i just like cloth better.....
my mom is not really for the cloth diapers either but we have told her there will be no paper diapers for this baby.
The funny thing is that I tend to give away paper diapers for baby gifts. But most of the time my friends want them. And I can get super deals with sales and coupons.
my little guy just started using the yellow edge prefolds when they are pinned on him but his pocket diapers are still getting stuffed with orange edge prefolds. I always laughed at the orange edge because my first two were never small enough to use them. But this baby is smaller and they did fir him for the first 2 weeks. I only had 13 of them so I also used cotton washcloths. I think I liked the wash cloths better than the prefolds for the first week but then he turned into a heavy wetter.
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