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Re: Harvest Babies Weekly Chat 12/12-12/18

Kim - that sounds like a lot of doctor visits with your DD. I hope her hip doesn't need a brace or cast. I know a baby who had the brace for a month or so. DS 2 and 3 both had the clogged tear duct. DS2 had it for about 5/6 months! Ped said it's very common and should clear up by iteself. If it doesn't then they would think about fixing it after a year. I used to have to massage it with a clean pinky finger(nail cut super short). If it got icky, then I would squirt BM in the corner too as that was supposed to be good for bacteria growth or whatever. I mentioned it to the ped and she didn't think I was completely nuts, so might be some validity to it!

Nichole- yay for being 21! Hope you have a great day and get spoiled rotten!

Sally - it's funny how only a lb or two can make a big difference between things fitting. My friends baby was 10lb 6oz and I'm wondering how she is doing with nb clothes. We keep missing each other's phone calls. They grow so fast. I'm always finding an outfit/top etc that they are too small for or barely get one or two wears out of. Suppose I tend to stick with the favorite clothes most of the time. LO mostly wears pj's, I'm not a big "outfit" person on babies.

Sposies - I think I've only bought 2 packets or pampers swaddlers. One before he was born and one after. We got a gift of a pack of huggies, still going through those. Then I got a pack of seventh generation(abe's market BF deal), and this morning just got a box of 3 naturecare packets and 2 packs of naturecare pull ups from the ecomom black friday deal. I feel spoiled with all these almost free/cheap diapers. I love the naturecare ones too, but not in my budget normally if I need sposies.

So for those who celebrate Christmas or Hannukah. Are you getting your newbies a gift? I just have a baby rattle so far for him, but our stroller(which we just got from SIL) has broken so looks like we might have to get a snap and go or something. The wire/cable mechanism snapped, so stroller is working fine, but won't fold! So annoying. DH is going to see if he can fix it.............
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