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Originally Posted by SashaE80
Thank you, "repeat" does seem to be a good neutral word! "Necessary scheduled" is brilliant.
When I was younger I broke my pelvis quite badly. We were trying for a natural home birth, they call it "proving your pelvis" here. If i had managed to deliver ds, it would be ok for me to try and deliver all naturally.
Unfortunately it turned into an emergency, in labor I broke my pelvis again, so I had an emergency late stage section.
This time i've been told I have no choice. In some respects I'm pleased, recovering from a c-section is hard, add in labor before and breaking bones it takes a long time! I have a toddler now who wont let me recover on the sofa for 6 months!
I just hate the fact that i feel i need to justify my birth options. I take it quite personally. Friends should support you whatever?!?
The thing is if you go to a nursery and look at the kids there is no way you could tell how they came into the world.
Wow and wow! I would much rather have a cesarean than a broken pelvis. I am sorry people give you a hard time. Every woman's story and experiences are soo unique and different.
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