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Re: Oozy incision after a week?

Always safer to have it checked out...

That said. My second csection, the incision "oozed" (was more just watery/wet) for 7 weeks! First csection, completely seemed healed within a couple weeks. So the second time, it was a little smelly, the top of my underwear would be wet....but once I would wash in the morning, blow dry it on low, put a disposable pad against the incision(very gently) and wore higher underwear to hold it in place, then at night wash it again, blow dry, put a new pad gently against it...within a few days it stopped oozing. Before that I was using those sterile gauze like pads over and over and over...for weeks and it did nothing!! The doc said it just wasn't healing because it was too moist in the area.

There was never a concern about infection, and it wasn't painful(well, more than normal at least)...just wet.

So maybe just needs to be dried more diligently?

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