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Re: Oozy incision after a week?

Originally Posted by Ummsamiyah View Post
Before you call just inspect your incision so you can report on it and give them a better picture of what you are looking at. For example what color is oozing. Does it smell? What does the skin around the incision look like? Have you had a fever or chills? Is it (the incision site) painful to touch, red or swollen? Keep the incision site clean and dry. I wouldn't cover it if you have steri strips and are just in the house. Let the steri strips fall off on their own. But you really should be re-examined.
Just my two cents. I was a maternity nurse for almost 2 years. so I am not just making stuff up BTW. Good luck.
I was actually going to say this exactly. If there's any smell to the drainage or any inflammation/redness at the site of the incision, it's most likely an infection. If there isn't, it's probably just normal fluid drainage, but it's never a bad idea to have it looked at, just in case.
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