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Originally Posted by Chrijodo

You are not perpetuating the problem, you are listening to your baby. She needs you to hold her right now. She needs to be close to you for comfort. You are giving her that. You will not spoil her or create an issue by listening to your baby *hugs* My girls were easy until they hit around 6 weeks adjusted and then it was like they "woke up" and suddenly became very needy. It lasted until they could do more mobile things and then they went back to being pretty easy kiddos
Agree with this! My DD is 14 weeks only and it's like she goes through phases, she'll love her swing, bumbo seat, bouncer and being worn. Once I feel like I've got her figured out she throws me a curve ball!

Just listen to your baby, I believe it's impossible to spoil them at this young age. They just need their Mommas sometimes!!
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