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Pink Lemonade Shop

Please title the post with the WAHMs username (if known) and his or her's business name.

Please copy and paste the following and answer the questions below if you leave feedback without using this template it will be deleted.

Approximate date of purchase:
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Through email. Was going to go through her Etsy store but instead she invoiced me through email and did not set up a custom listing for me on Etsy which is what she is supposed to do. She did it that way to avoid their fees which I learned afterwards is s big no-no in Etsy policy.
What did you buy: A custom dyed OBV toddler blanket
How was the customer service: Poor. Did not communicate prior that dark colors may separate, did not send any preview pictures before sewing it up/ sending it.
Review of the product: I asked for dark, rich blues for blanket to give as a gift to a baby boy. The lighter side which was supposed to be dark , rich blues was not that at all. Light colors with white throughout it as well as light purple and pink in it. Very visible face to face but hard for me to capture on photo. Then the other side of blanket had multiple dark pink dye spots. I felt it was seconds quality and not something I felt was giftable.
Any additional comments: WAHM refused to say it was second quality. Said she noticed the dark pink dye spots and said it was part of normal dyeing process. After the fact, I have learned its not from asking here for thoughts on it. Didn't really offer a return or refund. Instead was pushing me to resell it myself so I am not out any money. She would have done the return but it felt like it was something she did not really want to do. She did give me a small partial refund so the blanket ended up costing what she prices a second quality blanket but told me, it is not second quality. Last communication with her was somewhat rude.
Would you do business with them again? No, never. I have in the past more than once but this was first time buying a item dyed by her. She has lots so great feedback which is why I am disappointed with how she handled my situation.

WAHM response (if we are provided with one):
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