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Re: Did anyone NOT find out they were having twins until LATE pregnancy or delivery?

I shouldn't have read this thread, it's making me absolutely paranoid. I have suspected twins because 1) I have been picking up 2 heartbeats with my doppler since 12 weeks 2) not only is my pregnancy showing (with my girls I didn't look pregnant until around 36 weeks) but I am measuring 35 weeks at 29 weeks 3) I can safely say that multiples run on my dad's side of the family. 5 sets of twins and a set of quads that all happened naturally. 2 of the sets of twins and the quads all belong to my cousin.

Unfortunately my last 2 unassisted pregnancies and births went so well that my husband doesn't see any reason to start having prenatal care now. He's convinced the second heartbeat is just my placenta. So I could very well find out I'm having twins when I give birth.

My intuition has been off when predicting gender, but I have been having a frequently reoccurring dream since my dd2 was a couple months old: that my younger sister finds out she is pregnant and we agree to adopt the baby, then I find out I'm pregnant, so we end up raising the babies (both boys) as twins. Not a twin pregnancy dream, but kind of...
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