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Re: Did anyone NOT find out they were having twins until LATE pregnancy or delivery?

My mom kept telling me from day one that she was sure I was pregnant with twins. Twins run in my family (my mom was pregnant with twins but lost one early one), so I knew it was a possibility.

At my ultrasound at 18 weeks, I was told I was actually at least 3 weeks further along. After seeing a few other things and me explaining "my last period" (which was really weird, more like a miscarriage but not as heavy), we realized I HAD been pregnant with twins but lost one. I had thought I might have been pregnant the month before I found out I was pregnant, but I didn't want to waste a test, even though I was past my cycle date. When I started bleeding, I figured it was my period, even though I commented to my husband that it was a very strange period. He had been telling me all month that he was SURE I was pregnant, and I kept telling him it wasn't possible! Ha!

So, while I am not CURRENTLY pregnant with twins, we were at one time during this pregnancy carrying twins. Part of me is thankful (I have four kids.. and the youngest will be 18 months), which I feel a little guilty about... but a big part of me feels sad that we lost a twin!
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