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Re: Did anyone NOT find out they were having twins until LATE pregnancy or delivery?

Originally Posted by Squeaky McMurdo View Post
I shouldn't have read this thread, it's making me absolutely paranoid. I have suspected twins because 1) I have been picking up 2 heartbeats with my doppler since 12 weeks 2) not only is my pregnancy showing (with my girls I didn't look pregnant until around 36 weeks) but I am measuring 35 weeks at 29 weeks 3) I can safely say that multiples run on my dad's side of the family. 5 sets of twins and a set of quads that all happened naturally. 2 of the sets of twins and the quads all belong to my cousin.

Unfortunately my last 2 unassisted pregnancies and births went so well that my husband doesn't see any reason to start having prenatal care now. He's convinced the second heartbeat is just my placenta. So I could very well find out I'm having twins when I give birth.

My intuition has been off when predicting gender, but I have been having a frequently reoccurring dream since my dd2 was a couple months old: that my younger sister finds out she is pregnant and we agree to adopt the baby, then I find out I'm pregnant, so we end up raising the babies (both boys) as twins. Not a twin pregnancy dream, but kind of...

I would say, if you are concerned, go to a midwife or a doctor for care.. even if its just for an ultrasound. (I did this during out unassisted pregnancy/birth.) If the babies are twins, and they are not positioned correctly before birth, it can cause huge problems. (Their chins locking together.)

At the very least, it could put you at ease.
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