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Originally Posted by dogmom327
Hmmmm...maybe I should be concerned. Awful MS (of the all day variety) hit at 7dpo although I had other symptoms starting earlier. Got a positive at 9 dpo (previous pregnancies the earliest I ever got a positive were 12dpo and 14dpo). Started showing big time at 6 weeks. I'm not measuring ahead (as of my 11w appointment) but apparently that might not matter.

Guess I should up my protein and fluid intake just in case. Poor DH is threatening to run away to Mexico
I was like this with my babies also. Always get early BFPs and symptoms, had horrible m/s with all but #6, but honestly, my twin pregnancy was less symptomatic than my singles. Hahaha! My dr's always do an early u/s to check for twins after having a set. Mine are identical but my cousin (on my dad's side) had fraternal twins so it could happen!

As far as measuring ahead, I don't think it really counts until 20wks, but I didn't measure over until 22-24wks and just grew a few extra cm at a time. By 34wks I was 43cm.
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