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Taking a risk of creating another drama thread, I'm just curious if anything has been resolved with all the boingo issues? I never ordered any because I don't like preordering brand new products, but a good friend of mine did (she's not on diaperswappers). She ordered a pair of boingos back in September and still has not received anything. We're in Canada, it's the holidays, I know things take longer, but isn't three months a little excessive? She has emailed the boingo lady numerous times with no response and posted on her FB only to have her comment deleted. I told her to call the boingo lady, but since it's the holidays, she hasn't had time. What should she do? I know a lot of mamas have had issues with waiting for boingos or replacements. Just curious if anything has been resolved? Is there anything my friend can do about this or is she just SOL? It's not my intention of creating drama, I'm just genuinely curious about what her options are.
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