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Re: Any 30 weekers?

I would love to hear updates to this post?

My son was born at 30+4. I had premature rupture of membranes at 30+3. As soon as they stopped the mag with me, I went into labor (with ruptured membranes, they only keep you on mag for 12 hours). He was in the NICU exactly 6 weeks. He had zero complications from being born nearly 10 weeks early (zero recorded episodes of A's & B's, which is really unusual in a preemie). He just needed time in the NICU to grow and learn to suck/swallow. He would have gone home at 5 weeks, but he failed his car seat test 4 times - argh!

I will say, however, that babies born at this age vary quite a bit in terms of complications/NICU stay, etc. My son was really a "best-case" scenario.
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