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Knitting Abbreviations

I recently began working on a blanket for a friend's on-the-way munchkin and my sub-par knitting knowledge is really showing through! I've made a few things before (longies and easier blankets), and thought that this free pattern from Ravelry looked fairly easy to make and rather pretty:

...which was all fine & dandy until I started knitting and couldn't get my rows to end on the right numbers. I went back through and re-looked up all the abbreviations on youtube to double check that I was doing everything right and sorted out most of my problems, but the pattern uses one abbreviation that I can't seem to find much about:

stbl: slip 1 st k-wise, put slipped st back on left needle and k2togtbl

I feel like I must not be reading it correctly though, because it looks to me like it's asking to slip 1 stitch knit-wise from the left needle to the right needle and then move it back from the right needle to the left needle without doing anything? Is that right, or could someone perhaps explain that a bit clearer?

Hopefully this is the right place to be asking, and thanks so much for any responses!
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