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Bunch of random sewing and knitting questions...

It sounds crazy that I'm doing both at once, but I'm new to sewing and knitting and kinda learning a little of each as I go... I'm trying to find a bunch of places to help me learn as I go, so any help would be amazing.

Best books for beginning sewing?

Best blogs to follow?

Is there anywhere with a compiled list of sewing machine reviews?

Somewhere I can learn about all different types of fabric/different stitches and how to use them?

Best books for learning to knit? Best project books (childrens/hippie/crunchy/green living related items)

Best blogs to follow?

What are all the differences between types of needles?

How do I know what size needles to use?

How to price wool?

Different styles of knitting?

I have no idea why but Google won't work on my phone and my comp has a trojan, so any help would be amazing. And if I missed something that helped you learn to sew or knit please let me know. I need all the help I can get.
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