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Re: Bunch of random sewing and knitting questions...

I second I get lots of ideas from there and help. There are even folks on there who will untangle your yarn for your for free. And the patterns are great.

Check out a local yarn store for lessons and other great info.

Knitting needle types: everyone has their own faves for various reasons. You just need to find what you like. I started with cheapos from Michaels or AC Moore and then moved on to bamboo which I liked more, and then got Addis which I love. Just try different ones.

Patterns or else the tag on yarn will tell you what size needles to use for a project.

Wool pricing: you can get inexpensive wool at local stores and hi end stuff online. It depends on what you want, your budget and project. Also, check into local festivals. I find great deals on beautiful yarns at festivals.
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