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Re: Bunch of random sewing and knitting questions...

If you are in FLorida, I wouldn't really use wool. First off it will be harder to find down there. And, unless you are doing diapering I would probably start with something inexpensive like acrylic. Even then, I have a few pairs of knit pants that are made from acrylic and we use them all the time, mostly over pocket diapers since you have to wash once it gets peed on.

As for sewing, what sort of sewing do you want to try? A simple project that was my first sewing was pajama pants or pajama shorts. You can get an Easy Sew or maybe Qwick Sew pattern for less than $2 and make it out of old cotton bed sheets if you want to practice on cheap or free things. Really sewing and knitting are two very different and equally expensive hobbies, so it might be better to just start with one at a time.
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