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Re: Weekly Belly Shots! July 2012 Mama's

Originally Posted by philenabean View Post
SkyeBattest, cute bump! Are those your new Kohl's jeans? Cause they do look comfy... I only have my under the belly ones available now, and they suck! I can't keep them up for the life of me. Too much muffin top going into this pregnancy!
Thanks! & yes they are the new Kohl's jeans I have a khaki pair as well that I started wearing for work a few weeks ago and they were a over the belly ones also but I folded them down when I wore them a lot and they stretched out =/ so I won't be able to keep those up over belly now till I get bigger, but the bella band helps with that at least. So I know what you mean about them being hard to keep up without it going over the belly. These ones stayed up all day and look so cute nobody can even tell they are maternity jeans!
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