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Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice

My oldest daughter 13 has had chronic hives since she was 5. It started out 3-4 times a week until we took her to an allergist and they put her on zyrtec, zantac, and a nasal spray. Then it was cyclical somehow. She would go months without a reaction and then she would have weeks of day after day reactions. ANd oddly enough they are almost always at night.She takes benedryl when the hives start and they have always started to clear things up for her within a few minutes.
In the last few months things have gotten really bad. Her food allergies changed from the testing she had done at 5 and she now tests allergic to corn, fish, peanuts, and a slight reaction to dairy. The problem is that now she has to take more than one benedryl because one isn't working. Because of the angioedema (swelling of the airway) also getting worse, we have had to take her to urgent care for a shot/breathing treatment and observation. And she has started to need nebulizer treatments when she has reactions, and she never needed that before. We try to avoid all the things she is allergic to and are cautious about cross contamination. We don't eat out, or eat packaged/processed foods.
She still takes the daily preventative medications but it seems like the medicines are starting to fail.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I am at a loss. The allergist said things should be getting better and that she would outgrow it by age 7-8...that is obviously not going to happen. I am terrified I will one day have to use an epi pen to save her life.

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