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Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice

Do you have an epi pen? If not, get it before you need it. We carried ours religiously for two years before we needed it. Don't be afraid of it. Its really not that bad. I have two with life threatening allergies, and I used to be afraid of it, but not anymore. It works fast and has very little side effects. All is well and we are back to normal within 10 minutes.

Allergies are primarily an issue with the immune system. Since traditional allergen testing has not revealed all her triggers, consider IgG testing. The skin prick tests only show IgE mediated allergies. IgG mediated allergies will not show up. Allergens have a cumulative effect so the more you can keep her allergy "bucket" empty, the less likely it will spill over into symptoms. Strickly avoid all her known allergens, even the mild ones. Keep a food diary to help you track down possible triggers. Consider environmental triggers too - pets, cleaning products, air fresheners, etc. I would change all her body care and laundry products to natural and unscented. Avoid even essential oils for now. Add an air cleaner to her room and a filter to her drinking water. Add a dairy free probiotic which will help support her immune system and digestion. Try to get as many nutritious foods IN as you are taking foods OUT. Her body needs nutrients to help her immune system to function normally. Smoothies are great for this. We make one with rice milk, oj, frozen fruit and a bit of leafy greens tossed in. Its so good!
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