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Re: Question for knitters!

Originally Posted by ShyViolet View Post
I made half a scarf then went straight to knitting longies Like PP said, you will need a size 5 16" circ for the waistband, and either a size 7 or 8 16" circ for the body, then a size 7 or 8 12" circ for the legs. I also have a size 4 16" circ but I never use it, I use the size 5 for all my waistbands regardless of what size I use for the body.

I recommend the Eviepants pattern and you can use to look things up as you go.

I agree to knit a size small instead of newborn for the same reason previously said. the bigger sizes aren't any harder, they just take longer so the smaller size is good to start to boost your confidence.

I only use Addi Turbos, they are worth it.
I agree with everything here... I teach knitting locally and I always hear, "I want to make a scarf!" and I think, "Noooo, you dont!" It is awesome that you want to progress and honestly the techniques used in knitting longies and hats are NOT complex, as long as you take them one step at a time and don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed with the entire concept!

I also suggest Evie Pants, besides being my pattern of choice (after buying all of the popular ones) I think that they make a far nicer looking FO than the others, some are missing short rows completely (which makes for ill fitting pants!) or they have odd math which makes for annoying things like off centered waist cords. Evie Pants patterns are all well written, include a lot of pictures for tricky parts, lots of options for leg length from soaker/shorty to full length pants and several skirty sections. There are tons of options for the bottom cuff and it is written very true to size (if you knit to gauge). If you want to use different weights, it's as easy as knitting the size up or down and making sure your new "math" and "gauge" fits.

I prefer Addi turbo fixed circs in 16 and 12 and you can get an adjustable length if you start knitting more than pants and hats, but if you get yourself US size 5-8 16 inch length and 7-8 on 12 inch you will have all the sizes you need to make newborn to PL sized pants and hats through adults. If you get yourself a longer length, you can do magic looping or you can buy double pointed needles in 7-8 also and pretty much set yourself. You can get Addi's on ebay cheaper than coop pricing because of the wait and fees, however by buying on ebay vs an Addi US authorized retailer, you are forfeiting the warranty coverage because all the coop and the cheap ebay Addis are gold cord which is Addis way of knowing they were sold in Asia. The warranty information is on the Addi website. If you want that coverage, in the United States you need to buy only blue cords.
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