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Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice

We do have an epi pen. Thank God she we were right by the urgent care the one time I really felt she needed it so I didn't have to do it. They in fact gave her a steriod shot and breathing treatment instead (on top of the 2 benedryl we started with) so it wasn't needed at all. She had another bad reaction last night and I am pretty sure it was from undisclosed ingredients in a seasoning I used on dinner or cross contamination in the seasoning.
We do know she has a hyper active immune system. We have even done acupuncture to try to help with that. You can literally lightly scratch her skin and it will pop up in a hive. You could write happy birthday on her back and it would look 3D.
Is there special testing for the IgG? Our problem is/has been that she doesn't react typically...she is allergic to peanut butter but could eat a PB sandwich and be fine (not that we would...) but before we knew it was one of her favorites. I would have never suspected. Corn is the one thing we know she cant even be in the room with. And it is in everything, plastics, packaged foods, seasonings, cleaners... I read labels BUT there are so many corn derivatives that I know she does have some exposure that is unavoidable.
I also have noticed any time she comes down with a cold or other virus she ends up back in the hive cycle..
We have air cleaners but I never thought to put one in her room. DUH..thanks
All our water (even for bathing) is filtered. I am a little neurotic about water. We do a dairy free probiotic daily. But she is on a huge keifer kick right now. Would the dairy be bad? We also do smoothies every morning but I often use yogurt, again should I avoid dairy with her?
I use all unscented products except for her lotion. It seems like the Melaleuca is the only thing that really helps her eczema...and of course it has essential oil. Cleaning products are a crap shoot with the corn...especially natural ones. So I end up using Melaleuca or vinegar..
Luckily she is my healthiest eating kid. She can't even eat any candy because of the HFCS in everything. Luckily we found one type of gummy fruits she can have..but that is seldom something we eat/buy $6 for about 2 oz of candy!!
thanks for all the advice!! Anything else you think of is GREATLY appreciated!!!
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