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Umbilical Cord Rings

There was discussion recently about using cord rings to clamp the umbilical cord rather than the traditional hard plastic clamp- It got my interest, so on a whim, ordered some!

I think they will work great- no huge hard clamp poking into baby's belly, or being tweaked and possibly being uncomfortable for baby who is trying to bf!

Took 1 to my MW appt today (I go to a 3 MW/3 OB practice) and asked if they had ever used them- she had never heard of them! BUT- they are totally willing to use them- she said just bring it with me when I come to the hospital and remind them that is what I want to use instead! She said even if I end up needing to schedule a c/s (If my previa doesn't move in time) it is no problem using it.

It takes no special tools to use it-

If anyone is interested, I ordered 10, but am only keeping 2, so I have extras- just PM me for just what it cost to me, plus shipping and PP fees to you (they cost me $1.45 ea including shipping to me)
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