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Re: Chronic Hives/Angioedema/Food Allergies ...Need Advice

Sounds like you are doing a lot of good things already! Yes, I would definitely cut out dairy 100%. There is a dairy free coconut milk keifer you can find at whole foods. Of all dairy foods, yogurt is the least problematic IME because the cultures break down a lot of the troublemakers, but you need to get her to baseline (ie no symptoms) before you can test if she tolerates it or not.

IgG testing is a blood test. There are many labs that do it around the country. I believe you just need a doctor to order the blood draw. Be prepared that many doctors dismiss IgG allergy testing. You may need to see a naturopathic physician to order it. It sounds like she has a lot of hidden allergies and that she has delayed reactions as well. So I think it would be worth it to find out through blood work. Here are some links to get you started!
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