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Re: Unique boy names?

Originally Posted by lisathib123 View Post
How do people react to 'jet' ? I wanted to name my last boy Jett and no one had good things to say, so dh said no. This baby, dh wants to name him Joseph Etienne Thibodeaux (we're Cajun French) I hate it, but soon realized that his initials are J E T. so, I made a deal. He gets the name and we'll call him 'Jet'. My MIL & SIL refuse to call him that. They are getting on my nerves and the baby's not even born yet. I need to get them on board with 'Jet' or else....
Kind of the same story here.. DH wanted to name him Jeter (like Peter with a J. For some reason everyone thinks its Jetter ) I wasn't comepletely in love with it but I like Jet so I agreed. It gets a good reaction. I get a lot of "thats a *cool* name"
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