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Re: Who has breastfed for the most months?

DD-45? months
DS1-46? months
DS2-7 months still going strong
On the first 2 I'm not really sure how long they nursed. I do know it was at least 45 months and less than 48 months. So a total of at least 98 months and counting. I hope to nurse my 3rd till at least 4 years old as my first 2 were really no where near ready to completely wean at almost 4 years old but peer pressure to wean was heavy.

When I see this I have to laugh. When my husband and I first discussed how long to nurse our soon to be new baby 13 years ago he said 6 months was enough and definitely not longer than 12 months. He has since been reeducated as to the benefits of extended breastfeeding.
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