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Re: Umbilical Cord Rings

I'm not too worried about them using a big clamp at first- as long as the final clamp that is right up next to baby is the ring- that's what matters to me- I'm not left hassling with the big plastic one in the end.

really all that would be needed is 2 hemostats- which they typically clamp the cord with first anyway- clamp with hemostat, slide on cord ring, clamp with second hemostat above ring, take off first hemostat, and slide ring down to baby and apply- done! Then they can cut the cord short right above the ring.

Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
I was looking into them. The ones I saw required that the full circle be placed around cord, then break it to allow the actual stretchy/cord band to release and close around cord.. so they'd STILL need to cut the cord and use a traditional clamp further down the cord, and how then do you get the small circle around the big clamp to get it around the cord? Seems so complicated! I really like the idea though!

This has illustrations to better explain my point. First you have to "slide cord ring on umbilical cord" then "break ring, ligature will fall around cord".
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