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A thankfulness thread

Often times I feel so angry and frustrated by my kids' special needs. Its been 2 years since their diagnosis on the autistic spectrum. My life with them is very hard, and I am justified in feeling those feelings...but today I want to focus on the positives, to try to shift my perspective and focus more on the good things they can do and the many blessings in our lives. Please feel free to add yours.

Today I am thankful:

For my 10 yr old Aspie wanting to snuggle with me on the couch yesterday.

For him being able and willing to get the baby out of the cradle and talk soothingly to him as I make a bottle.

For my 15 yr old Aspie to be genuinely concerned over his little 3 yr old brother who has croup and get him cold drinks and put movies in for him to watch

For the boys to be able to talk and laugh and joke with each other as they try to conquer Zelda Twilight Princesses.

For my 13 year old Aspie who just told me he loved me, spontaneously, for no apparent reason.

For the fact that my Aspie boys really deeply love their little brothers and show that in actions and words.

For a wonderful husband who treats his Aspie stepsons with great love and respect even though I cannot imagine how hard it is for him to have taken on this HUGE responsibility.

For my ability to know them intimately, and love them despite all the challenges we face.

For the fact that they are doing well in school and have a bright future ahead of them.

For TVs and DVDs and Wiis and DSs and iPods and Laptops - wonderful devices that give us all a break when we need it and helps us not want to strangle each other LOL.

For the fact that no other people on earth make me laugh as fully and deeply as my hilarious, witty, and brilliant boys!

Happy New Year!
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