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Re: You got my nephew WHAT for christmas

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
DH totally wanted to get DD a pink Crickett for Christmas. But, it would not have been really for her. It would have been locked up in the safe with the rest and used with complete hands-on supervision.

However, we agreed to wait til next year.
My older two each have their own Crickett's. DS was 4 when he got his, ODD was 6, I think, or maybe had just turned 7. They were thrilled with them. DH takes them out shooting and they are turning into good shots.

However, before buying the guns for them, they got a very, very thorough lessoning in gun safety. They got drilled, too, so we knew they knew the correct answers and knew the why of the safety. So long as the gun safety is taught, I see no problem with a 4 yr old having a gun.
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