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I think it's weird too. My DH is into guns and going to the shooting range and all that and thinks he is getting our DDs one at age 5 to take her to the range. I think that that's a ridiculous idea. He cleans his gun in front of her and talks to her all about gun safety in a way she can understand (and she does...she has a little nerf gun and tells me we don't touch daddys gun all the time when she holds hers) but still. I told him I thought 10 was a more appropriate age to take her to the range if he must. I don't get it. But guns make me uncomfortable and I hate them in our house so I guess that's part of it.

Fwiw my sister got my 6 year old nephew an air soft pistol for christmas and even that freaks me out. I've gotten shot with one in the leg in very close proximity before (as a teen when we were playing around and being dumb) and it hurt really bad!

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