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Your experience with Nana's Bottoms? **UPDATED**

First, I really don't want it to sound like I'm bashing this WAHM. I know it's a busy time of year but I'm just curious to hear from others on this. I bought from her because I've only heard great things!

I placed an order for 2 (or 4?) newborn AIO's on the 19th of December. I bought from the grab bag but asked in the comments if I could request fabric other than suedecloth as the inner fabric. No responseon to that. I didn't receive a confirmation, which I'm used to, so I sent an email in the 23rd to confirm my order was received. She replied and said she would be getting them ready next week (which was last week). No word about the diapers yet and I am assuming she does not email shipping notifications?

It's fine that we don't have them yet because we don't need them for months to come. I would have preferred some info about what the usual time frame is just in case our need was more immediate. Is this out of the ordinary for this WAHM? If I like the diapers I will be happy to recommend them to others but I also want to make sure they will be happy with the service they get. Maybe the reason is purely because of the holidays?

I received my diapers today and they appear to be very well made. I cannot speak of how they function yet but I'm definitely pleased with the overall appearance of them. They are soft and feel like they will be plenty absorbent too. So, two thumbs up for that! Quality is THE most important thing to me.

I am still a little disappointing with the correspondence. I started to type out why I felt this way but it felt a little juvenile to put it all here so I will just leave it at that. It sounds like I'm in the minority as far as not being please with the customer service.

My other disappointment was that one diaper is a pretty dark blue with a blue fabric on the inside. Another is navy blue with green on the inside. I chose 'gender neutral' when I purchased them and we were given an early guess that we are having a girl shortly after my purchase. :/ My DD wears lighter blue diapers but these look very boyish to me. It's totally fine if she chooses to truly make it a grab bag type of deal (and I'm grateful for the lower price) but I wish I had been told that they might not be so neutral. I may have waited until we knew the sex of our baby before I purchased any.

Since I didn't get the warmest response, I don't think I will say anything. Just wish I could rave like everyone else.
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