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Re: Paternity Leave in Canada

It varies province to province, but yes Dad would have some time off. Not a whole year though. Dad woul have 28-37 weeks off. We had this situation with DS. I had been a student and thus not paying into QPIP so I wasn't eligible for maternity leave. DH was able to take all of the parental leave himself. He was also able to work the difference. So he didn't go on full leave. He chose the special plan and then simply worked a quarter of his hours to make up the 25 % of his salary that the leave did not pay him.

In Qc there are two plans to choose from. Only mom can take maternity, only dad can take paternity. Parental can be taken by either parent or divided and taken by both (either concurrently or not).

Basic Plan:

Maternity = 18 weeks at 70% of the salary
Paternity = 5 weeks at 70% of the salary
Parental = 7 weeks at 70% of the salary + 25 weeks at 55% of the salary

Special Plan:

Maternity = 15 weeks at 75% of the salary
Paternity = 3 weeks at 75% of the salary
Parental = 25 weeks at 75% of the salary
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