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Please dont flame me...

I'm almost ready to wean because I am so tired of being a human pacifier. Ds still wakes frequently at night and even with co-sleeping I'm not getting much rest. He has to be attached all. night. long. I'm so tired. He also barely naps for more than 30 minutes unless I let him nurse the whole time. That's just not practical with 2 others at home and I HS and just the rest of daily life/chores/activities.

I've loved nursing him and a part of me feels guilty because I know I "shouldn't" wean him. And I know, this time goes by fast, this too shall pass, etc., etc. Crazy as it sounds, we may ttc a 4th in the next couple of years. Right now we say no more kids but we always talked about 4 so I still partly have that "not done" feeling.

IDK, I guess I'm just sitting here in a chair with him attached doing that flutter suck and it's driving me up the wall. I feel sort of stuck and I don't like it.
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