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Re: Please dont flame me...

Ahhh my DD2 is like this sometimes. I just reached the 4 month mark with her and it's been quite a ride. I didn't even like breast feeding at all until I got to month 3, now I love it. But at night, some nights she can drive me NUTS. She will constantly want to feed and if she falls asleep and I move over to get in a more comfy position, she will wake up, fuss and wiggle back over to me wanting to latch back on!

Last night was one of those nights. Then of course around 7am when I need to get up, she's finally sleeping soundly. o..0

Nap times I have covered 99% of the time. I pop her into her rock n napper, put her in the kitchen, run her sleep sheep and the stoves exhaust fan...she goes out like a light and sleeps from 1-3 hours that way 2x a day. That's a real god send because it gives me a few moments to do SOMETHING other than entertain her and feed her.

I have a 2 (turning 2 in a few days!) year old too. She's a BIG handful at the moment, so between her, the nursling, work (I work from home 8 hours a day) and house chores/cooking, I barely get 10 mins to MYSELF.
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