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Re: Please dont flame me...

Originally Posted by carolineb View Post
You are so right. It's so hard to describe because I do love nursing him but I think because as a pp suggested wearing him, which I do, I guess between wearing him a lot and nursing him a lot, I feel like he's constantly attached.

I had set out to nurse him to at least 2 years old. I don't know why but I just can't see myself doing that now. I guess I feel a little guilty because if I do start weaning him, I'll be forcing it on him before he might be ready.

A part of me is afraid I might regret it if I did wean him, but another part is ready to have my body back, and a little bit of freedom, too.

Funny thing though, if we do ever have another one then I would no question ebf that baby too, with a goal of a year which was my goal this time since I didn't make it with my other 2. I know I'm only a few months away so maybe I can hang on a bit longer. I think I might try night weaning first. We are visiting family right now so sleep has gotten all out of whack! After we get back Saturday I will give him a few days to get resettled and then work on night weaning.

Thanks again all for the positive encouragement!
One year is already a good accomplishment. If it helps, I did feel better after about 11 months, did okay for a few more, then I'd flip flop. I ended up nursing my son for almost 3 years but I sure didn't like it that whole time.

I did get touched out, though, from wearing and nursing so much and I think it was at about a year that I had to stop nursing him just because he wanted it. I made sure he got enough and went with that.
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