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Re: Relocating to Las Vegas?

We relocated and love it here. We moved FOR the weather, and all the fun things to do with the kiddos. I'm in love with all the parks, and rec activities, and places to go things to see. We haven't had the school problem yet, but if it is an issue, and it's as horrible as I am expecting it to be, I'll just homeschool .

To be fair, I moved from Birch Bay Washington..very uncultured, nothing for kids to do except go to parks, but in a city where it's cold/rainy/windy 90% of the time, that doesn't really do you a lot of good. As of when I left there was one indoor jump place open for 4ish hours a day during the summer, they had longer hours in the winter but were open weird times and even that was a half hour drive from my house. Nothing else kid related to do so we were stuck inside all day. For us relocating was a must, and we moved from tiny, non-kid friendly horrible weather to big city, kid friendly, hot weather
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