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Re: Faces to Names...

Originally Posted by mabelino View Post
Aww, we have all goo'lookin mamas in our group!

Sorry for the crummy pic, thats what happens when you hand someone a dslr and say...just take a pic!

Hubby(Matt) and I(Beth) have been married 4 years. We have Lilli who is 3 and Nolan who is 2 1/2. We moved to California(where I'm originally from) this past April...bcz most of my family is here...from Virginia where I went to school and met him. His job has been horrible...and transition to having people step on toes hasn't been easy. TBH, we're hoping to hop back to Virginia maybe April(when I'm going to be huge!) because we just miss Virginia. My heart breaks when I think about it! Life just isn't at all what we expected or wanted out here. Anywhoo...

DS is a total cheeseball. Hes my snuggler and my goofball. He makes everyone laugh!

DD is my drama queen...but in a good way. She can be overdramatic on just about everything...good and bad. She is so sweet and tenderhearted. She takes good care of her brother, who is her best friend.

I'm a full time SAHM. No plans to return to work...well..maybe many moons from now, but hopefully not. I'm not the best housewife, but my hubby is good to me and loves me regardless! I can be lazy, a bad cook, and a poor accountant. But we make it by.
I am to scared to let someone use my DSLR so i am never in pics. Not even DH is to touch it. lol
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