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Re: Aug 2011 Babies- January Chat

Happy New Year, mamas!

Sounds like everyone had fun and is staying busy! I know we are. I love all the cute!
The big girls go back to school tomorrow...finally! They need to, they have been out since the 16th! Brynn has been hitting some milestones....she finally rolled over both ways a few days ago. I put her in her crib on her tummy and she just rolled over. When I screamed she looked at me like I was nuts...who knows, maybe she had been doing it for a while. She is also definitely getting her bottom teeth...I can see both of them really well now. She is the earliest of all 4 to get them. I checked dd1's baby book and she didn't get her first until she was 9 months old!
I've started making baby food in batches and freezing far just sweet potatoes and butternut squash. She's not really ready yet, but I am determined to not buy any commercial baby food this time.
Speaking of processed food, I cut out any fast food and eating out out of our diets when Brynn was born (the big girls have had a Happy Meal once or twice), and dd1 has lost 3 lbs! She has always been tall and in the 90th percentile for height and weight, but I was surprised to see such a difference so quickly. And I've lost 51 lbs since Brynn was born just by breastfeeding and cutting out processed food. Imagine how much I could lose if i worked out too!
Oh, I know this is crazy, but have any if you thought about first bday parties yet? I was playing around on Pinterest and I think I want to do a bumblebee theme, since we call Brynn Baby Bee. I've even come up with some cute one year photo ideas...can't wait!
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