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Re: Custom handmade greeting cards.

Originally Posted by FutureMama View Post
My turn! My turn!
(I want it to be a complete surprise!)

Remember (you choose! Don't care if you split it or use all one color combo)

Either in the area is khaki, brown, olive green, etc.

P.S. I would LOVE if you added a rhinestone or a ribbon.. not to each, just in general!

ETA: Is there ANY way you could take pics of your stamps? LOL I want to see what all you have available (if its not too much of a trouble?)
I am so glad you posted here. I just read this post, and your design is already complete. I am happy to say that based on what you are described here, I think you will love your cards.

And yes, I plan on taking pictures of all of my stamp sets... or compiling a list of what I have available and then posting the list with a link to the catalog. I need new batteries for my camera if I'm going to do pictures.

I will finish up your order today and ship on Friday. After you receive your order, I'll post the picture in the thread.

Thanks for the order.

God bless!
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