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Re: Where do you buy CDs online?

Originally Posted by me_just_me View Post
That's funny because the two places you listed are the last places I'd buy from. Well, maybe amazon when I have gift cards.

I like to buy from many of the stores listed by previous posters. They sell cloth diapers as a big part of their inventory. Many of the diapers you can find on these sites you can't buy on sites like or Amazon. You all will find that many of the CD stores have fun sales, sometimes even freebies, and are very knowledgeable about the products. Some even have "our experience" sections that tell how they like the diapers. Most have pages on how to care for and wash your diapers. They are really great places to buy from. The big sites are just selling them but probably have never even used them. They will not be able to help you trouble shoot if you have problems.

CD stores will always be my first place to buy from!

ETA: I just checked and almost all the diapers I just ordered from Kelly' are not even available on their site. So if you limit yourself to just buying from there, you will miss out on so many other diapers to try!
Thank you very much! Looks like shopping in CD stores is really fun
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