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Re: January 2012 Chat Thread

Originally Posted by jenfostermom View Post
Hooray for the new year - new thread!

OMG so here's the crazy newest in my house as of this afternoon....I found out today that the foster parent who took the girls we had from April until October 2011 gave her 30 day notice to have them moved yesterday. They were just more than she could do.

Sooooooooo we feel like God was nudging us about them anyhow and wondering if we made the wrong decision since we did bond with them and some of our concerns have changed with our situation (having another infant the same age - she's gone, the 3 year old being a lot - she's in school now for speech and DH was working nights and weekends and he just quit so he's home more) within a couple of minutes we went from diaper free, foster free taking all three!!!!

They are working on our exception (for an extra child since we technically only have space for 2, but since they are sibs they can make an exception) right now and then they will move them - probably by the weekend.

more like a kick in the backside! i'm excited about you taking these girls! toddlertown is back in business! i don't know what ODFD's school schedule is like, but even my dd's 8 hours a week in 4k is a tremendous help for me. good luck! i'm sure you don't need it though.

as for me...I SENT IN OUR FOSTER APPLICATION! you know, the one that has been sitting on my desk since JULY. very nervous and excited about this new chapter in our lives!
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